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Off to the cottage

Growing up we spent a lot of time at our family cottage.  My parents sold it years ago, but the cottage-life / vacation is something that has very much shaped my life (hence le village suisse!).   So even though we now live in the country and rent cottages, we still like to rent them ourselves!

So we rented this little cottage on 7-mile lake in Bridgewater for 4 days.   It was very well-equipped and comfortable.  The lake water was beautiful and warm (compared to our lakes in Quebec).    Bridgewater is a small town on Nova Scotia’s south shore.  It is just a few kilometres from the UNESCO world heritage site of Lunenburg.   We went exploring in and around Lunenburg a bit, but just used Bridgewater for groceries.

2014-09-08 22.51.24

Our little cottage on the lake

2014-09-08 22.51.47

Not too many neighbours here. One cool thing about Nova Scotia is that there are nearly more lakes than people!

2014-09-08 22.42.45

Clowning around with our tuques on the hammock

2014-09-07 03.58.34

Millie learning to kayak with her new little friend Audalie.

2014-09-06 06.06.43

Ready for bed in his shark pyjamas. He loves these pi’s.

2014-09-06 00.48.25

Millie loves to pose for the camera.

2014-09-05 07.15.29

Who can resist a sunset pic?

2014-09-05 03.10.15

Fun in the sand with the rocks.

2014-09-05 02.26.38

My parents at Hirtle’s beach near Lunenburg. Super cool beach with two little salt-lakes just behind the sandbank that are good for swimming.

2014-09-05 02.44.21

The easy surf makes for some nice play

2014-09-05 02.45.56

Too cool for me for swimming today…I’ll wait for Mexico!

2014-09-05 01.16.28

The famous Bluenose II. Still under renos after 3 years of working on it…

2014-09-05 01.15.11

Gino and mom enjoying the view.