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A birthday on the sea

Manzanillo is a decent size city that is 30km north of us and the “world-capital” for swordfish fishing.  We thought the occasion of Andy’s 4th birthday would be a great time to try out the deep-sea fishing trip and had it all arranged to head out at 7am on his birthday (nov 11th).

However, Andy was sick the night before and so we ended up delaying the trip by a couple of days.  It turned out to be a GREAT thing that he was sick or we would have been out on the boat in a huge rain storm instead of the beautiful day we ended up having!   So thanks to Andy’s sickbug on that one.

So back to the fishing trip.  It was a beautiful day and “we” caught decent fish (3 big mahi-mahi, 4 “bonitos“, 1 something else).  I say “we” because “we” actually didn’t do that much.  The captain and his crew set up all the lines, charted the course and hooked up the fish into the boat.  Our job was to turn the reels.  I would have liked to be a bit more involved in understanding the whole process, but given that I was seasick, doing the reels was just fine.

So apparently a calm ocean is not anything like a calm lake.  A calm ocean still rises and falls, moves side to side and actually quiet randomly.  Being very much a boat-virgin I had no idea and my stomach was not happy about this information!

The kids however mostly had fun.  They were feeling sick for about an hour of the five that we were out, but bounced back super well.   Unfortunately, the point where we were all most sick was when we were catching the big fish.   As for me, I eventually got to the point where I could sit in the chair looking out at the water  and enjoy without feeling sick… walking around was not an option though.

If we are ever to buy a sailboat and “sail the world”, I’m going to have to get over this seasickness thing.   I would do the fishing trip again, if anything just get the fish (super delicious) and to have the chance to work on feeling better on the water.


Andy didn’t feel well enough to have a cake on his birthday, so we improvised. He loved it!


A fishing trip doesn’t wrap very well, so he had a couple little toys, new markers and a soccer ball to keep him busy. Every mexican kid needs a soccer ball!


Ah, and now that he is better – his “boat” cake!


Ah yes, let me interrupt the story for a second. We found this little guy on the road during a trip to town (técoman) just before the boat trip. She was too weak to even open her eyes. We took her home…and if it survives we’ll keep her around for a the next few months and hopefully find it a home. She looks about 5-6 weeks old.


We were up at 5:30 in order to get on the boat for 6:45! An early start probably didn’t help the seasickness.


The excitement of the 1st fish of the day


Happy to report that Gino loved the trip!


Andy enjoyed the trip, but didn’t like being sick. He was very proud of “his” fish though.


Millie is a boat champion. Once her little sickness passed, she was in full form.


Two of the Mahi-mahi (the ones hanging by the tails, not the kids!).


Now this was really interesting…this guy can fillet a fish in 2 minutes flat.


Our boat captain Miguel. He really was super nice.


And from boat to our dining room table. You can see that Andy is happy with his catch! Gino did a fantastic job of cooking it up perfectly.