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The visiting whirlwind

One of the great things about a visit back “home” is having the chance to catch up with friends and family.  One of the hardest things about a visit back “home” is all the catching up with friends and family!   It is so wonderful to see everyone, yet hard to try to cram a year of stories into one visit.  I am always sad that we can’t spend more time with each person.

We’ve has some wonderful visits and here are some pictures.


My still-in-nova-scoria family. Imagine – 16 people and we only had to take 1 picture to get everyone looking and smiling at the camera. What luck!


No women of any age can resist a baby.


Brooke being very cute


Sanja holding guard – really funny pic that looks like she is eating our friend Ocean.


Jonathan getting the drinks together



Just a cool pic.


Simone and Ocean cuddling to stay warm at our evening bbq


Ocean, Sarah and Bucky watching the sunset while dinner is cooking on the fire


Simone, Leeluu, Andy and Millie


Millie spent the night with my uncle Brian, Aunt Sandra and my cousin’s daughter Leah. Andy arrived just intime for the toy shopping ;-)


Clara, Millie, Ela and Andy.


Leah – my best buddy from high school!


Brooke came back for a little visit and Gino had the chance to refresh his baby skills


Gino and Martin. I got to say something here. It is totally appropriate that this is the only picture showing upside-down and I can’t see how to change it. When Gino and his old best-university-friend get together many things get turned upside down. These two love to joke…so I’m sure they are doing this on purpose!

Leaving home

Finally, the house is clean, the list is all crossed off, the dog is in the car and we are off to pick up the kids.   In the past few weeks, I have been sad about leaving Val-David.   We will miss our family, friends(!), our home (which we just moved into in April), skiing, snow, and our community.  It is with mixed feelings that our departure dead-line has approached, but now that it is finally here, I am EXCITED!

Tuques (FR – Gino) / Toques (EN – Diana) are on and we are ready to go!

2014-08-28 05.45.52-1


On the road out…

2014-08-28 06.18.49

2014-08-29 02.26.38-1

The first night of our 280-ish day trip was spent in Joliette.   We picked up the kids from Gino’s moms house and said our goodbyes to family.  Our first try at a tuque photo…

It was only a 2hr drive today to visit with our good friends Napik, Jo, Enzo, Oliver and Dony in Quebec.   I’m sorry I don’t have a picture with them!   I need to get better at this photo-documenting.

2014-08-30 21.31.262014-08-30 21.31.54

Biking in the rain in Quebec City.   Who knew it could be so beautiful?
2014-08-29 04.09.392014-08-29 04.13.192014-08-29 04.17.522014-08-29 04.18.14

Our first big day on the road – off to Halifax.   A 10hr drive from Québec City.    We left Quebec at 10am and arrived in Halifax at my parents house by 8pm.  Good traveling!

We are so lucky that our kids are just amazing at long drives.  I guess it helps that they have been driving Halifax-Montreal since before they were even born.