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The visiting whirlwind

One of the great things about a visit back “home” is having the chance to catch up with friends and family.  One of the hardest things about a visit back “home” is all the catching up with friends and family!   It is so wonderful to see everyone, yet hard to try to cram a year of stories into one visit.  I am always sad that we can’t spend more time with each person.

We’ve has some wonderful visits and here are some pictures.


My still-in-nova-scoria family. Imagine – 16 people and we only had to take 1 picture to get everyone looking and smiling at the camera. What luck!


No women of any age can resist a baby.


Brooke being very cute


Sanja holding guard – really funny pic that looks like she is eating our friend Ocean.


Jonathan getting the drinks together



Just a cool pic.


Simone and Ocean cuddling to stay warm at our evening bbq


Ocean, Sarah and Bucky watching the sunset while dinner is cooking on the fire


Simone, Leeluu, Andy and Millie


Millie spent the night with my uncle Brian, Aunt Sandra and my cousin’s daughter Leah. Andy arrived just intime for the toy shopping ;-)


Clara, Millie, Ela and Andy.


Leah – my best buddy from high school!


Brooke came back for a little visit and Gino had the chance to refresh his baby skills


Gino and Martin. I got to say something here. It is totally appropriate that this is the only picture showing upside-down and I can’t see how to change it. When Gino and his old best-university-friend get together many things get turned upside down. These two love to joke…so I’m sure they are doing this on purpose!

Welcome to Nova Scotia

I was 18 when I moved to Quebec from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.   My family has always lived here and still does.  We try to visit at least once a year and it has been just over a year since our last visit.   Visits “home” (whatever that means!) usually include a race of visits to friends/family along with some touristy activities.   Growing up here, we rarely went to the beach, never went on a boat, nor did much exploring of our home province.   It is a pleasure to have the chance to rediscover Nova Scotia each time we visit.

So far, the beginning of our 2 week visit has been very quiet.  We are all sick with a terrible cold.  The coughing, sneezing and general achy-ness has so far hit Millie, Andy, Me and my mom.  Gino and my Dad have been sparred- so far.

Besides the point that being sick is not fun, it is extra disappointing since we are here to visit my new niece!  Brooke was born to my brother Kevin and his wife Shannon just 10 days before we arrived.   We had a nice visit on our first day here and had the chance to hold her (before our sicknesses struck!).   She is soooo cute and little!   Hopefully this cold goes away soon so we can spend some more quality time holding this little one.

Here are some pictures from our first days here…


2014-09-01 00.39.41

Millie holding her new little cousin Brooke.


2014-08-31 22.45.44

Enjoying our first visit with baby Brooke (oh – and Kevin and Shannon! – hehehe).


2014-09-02 23.38.36

Visiting the Wild Leek. Our good friend Kirsten started this restaurant (all by herself!) last year and it is soooooooooooo delicious.


2014-09-02 13.05.59

Are you ever too big for these rides? Good thing Nana was there to put in a dollar for them.