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Grocery shopping in Mexico

Before moving to Mexico, I tried to get an idea on how much food would cost us.   Since we still needed to follow a monthly budget, it was important information to have  and we had found groceries unexpectedly expensive when traveling Costa Rica last year.   From what I found online, other canadians seemed to say it was about the same as home.   I was a bit disappointed (hoping it to be less!), but hopeful that at least food wouldn’t cost more.

What we have found is actually quiet different.  If you want to shop at walmart or costco – yes groceries are at least the same and even many items are a lot more than in Canada.   However, if you shop at the local market (called Tianguis), the food is so ridiculously cheap that you feel like royalty!   Not needing to check prices (the total is never high), is such a freedom!

Our weekly market is in a town just north of Cuyutlan called Armeria.  It is an open air market that is set up in the streets of pretty much every town/city  all over mexico usually once per week.

So on mondays we head to the Tianguis in Armeria.  It is basically our idea of a flea-market and covers about 4 blocks – both sides of the street.   They sell everything!   The fruits and vegetables are the highlights as they are so fresh/good.   Oh – and the cost of our groceries is about $80 CND per week, which is about 60% LESS than what we spend in Canada.  Fish is the only thing we don’t get at our tianguis since we can pick up here on the beach from the fishermen… ;-)

Here are a few examples of prices just so you can drool a bit…  I don’t know what we are going to do going back home.  It will take time to adjust to Canadian food prices again!!

3 pineapples – 1.80$

2 kg of oranges (about 24) – 1$

15 bananas  - 1$

20 fresh roma tomatoes  - $1.80

8 cucumbers – $1

1kg strawberries (though not as good as quebec’s!!) – $1.80


Every week they set up the tarps, tables and bring in all the goods!


The “natural” products and herbs


The colours are amazing and so is the amount of junk…


This is our buy for this week – including the fish (local fisherman), cheese, honey, meat and all the fruits/veg – a grand total of $40 CND


One of the very nice dinners that Gino cooked up with our purchases…ah – yes those are margaritas too. Very mexican.


Every week we try to come home with a new fruit or veg that we have never tried before. They are generally good…this one (left) is called a mamie – it is awesome – kind of like a cocoa flavoured avocado.