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Georgia with Georgia

(Millie is posting today!).

We have been in Georgia for a long time and are still in Georgia. Me and Andy are playing “baby” right now. Andy wants me to be the mama and he is the baby.

Yesterday we went to the beach. It was a 1hr drive and on an island. We found seashells, sea crabs and snails. We had a picnic and after went driving around the Island. There was a really good grocery store with good food.

We went paddle boarding and saw a dolphin. It was really cool. Paddle boarding is when you are on a board and use a paddle. You can stand up or sit or go on your knees or lie on it. I was on it with my mom.

Georgia is a beautiful place.


The first time we were in Georgia. It was extremely hot.


Me and my mom paddle boarding. That was really fun.


My mom was paddling boarding by herself and me, my brother and my dad were looking from the dock.


A lady from St-Sauveur came by and asked if we wanted a picture!


We are white because we come from Quebec where there is not as much sun. So we are the least tanned of everyone here.


Sanja our dog likes laying on the beach.


I was dancing on the dancing stage floor. It was fun cause everyone was looking.


I was at the park with my brother and we love each other very much. Even if sometimes he hits me, but usually he is really fun.