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A little hidden paradise – Faro de Bucerias

Since the waves in front of our house in Cuyutlan are too strong for swimming with the kids (and snorkelling) we knew we would be doing some exploring of the coastal beaches around us to find some quieter bays.   Our first week here, we tried Manzanillo – a city of about 150,000 people on a bay that is just 30 min north of Cuyutlan.  Its proximity makes it interesting, but on the day we visited, the waves were rough and the beach felt very industrial (just next to a busy road with container ships coming in and out of the port).    Anyway – it was fine, but not my idea of the mexico tourist photo beach.

So last Thursday we went out in search of another and this time we headed south into the state of Michoacan.   We had read in the Lonely Planet (all of 3 lines) that the beach at Faro de Bucerias was quiet and good for snorkelling.   Without knowing anything else – we set off!   It was about 100km south on the beautiful highway 200 (the road that winds down the coast from Vancouver to South America).   Up and down we went along the rocky cliffs and mountains – all along the coast.  Of course the views were fantastic, but car-photos just don’t do…

Finally turning off for Faro de Bakeries the road was quiet, but it soon opened up to a dusty vibrant village.   When we arrived at the beach though, we were all delighted (well except the kids who were hot, hungry and needed to pee…but thats another story).   The beach was on a beautiful cove of about a 1km in length with white-gold sand and blue-turquoise waters.   All along the cove was little restaurants with papalas in front for hanging up a hammock for the nigh.  On the south side rocks we found a picturesque lighthouse with a yoga platform about half-way up.  Big thanks out to Lonely Planet for the uninteresting description – we were the only people on the beach all day!

This place definitely qualified as the “photo perfect” tropical beach and I’m sure we will be back.


Getting his rock climbing practise in for a future Val-David career?


An amazing lunch of fried fish as fresh as it possibly could be.


A shot of the bay


Can this be called school at the beach? There are some serious construction techniques being analyzed here.


The fishing boats are driven right up onto the beach…and Andy is stealing the sand toys. Again.


Millie is a champion at snorkelling! There were some nice fish off the rocks


Our first time venturing further from shore.


Just had to throw this one in for the grandparents!


This restaurant is walkable in the low tide. The sign says they are open for breakfast. I’m guessing not everyday…


Gino showing Andy how to take the little waves.