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Ovens natural park

We were all happy to learn the cottage we had rented wasn’t too far from oven’s park.   I had always wanted to visit, but had never taken the chance.  And wow- so glad we went!  This place needs to be better promoted (if only I could get my hands on it!) – it is a gem and should be attracting millions of visitors per year.  As it was, we only saw 2 other people on the trail with us.

So what is it?   A walking trail along the coast that goes down into sea caves.   The caves have been created by the ocean breaking down the slate cliffs. It was also the site of a gold rush in the 19th century and you can still pan for gold (and find some!).

I’ll let the photos do the rest.



2014-09-08 02.03.24

The colour on the sea caves are beautiful

2014-09-08 01.43.30

The path goes along the coast from one cave to the next. Cement stairs go down into 3 of them.

2014-09-08 01.53.10

Why are my kids always in shorts/tshirt while I’m in a sweater/jeans?

2014-09-08 02.06.31

The mouth of the caves – see the bird?



2014-09-08 01.43.46

Down we go to the bottom

2014-09-08 01.46.34

Legend says this passage way goes all the way under nova scotia to the bay of fundy.

2014-09-08 01.53.30

Oh, I love that boat