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Count down is on

When we take a one week vacation, I find everyday is vivid and planned.  There may not be much time for relaxing, and it certainly passes fast, but we are motivated to make the most of it.  Usually about 1-2 days before leaving we start to watch the hours before having to return (to whatever that return might be!).

Well this scales up.  When we have taken 5 week vacations it is the last week where the thoughts of home and what is coming start to be more present.

And with a 9 month trip (at this point it is no longer really vacation) the count down started with 2 months still to go.   It does make sense, since there are things to wrap up here, our house to move out of, friends to say goodbye to and a long road trip home to plan.   More about all that still to come soon I imagine!  We are leaving our house here in just a couple of weeks.

Fortunately, the last couple of weeks our friends Napik and Jo have been visiting with their 3 kids and there is no better distraction from our upcoming departure than a full house! We have been having a great time profiting from the beach, the pool and time with good friends.  It has been great to rediscover our home, town, and surrounding area through their eyes.


Breakfast on the beach. These kids have no idea how lucky they are.


A cabin right on the beach. Living simple and well.


I love living in an place where chickens can run totally free. Why not North America?


Art everywhere! This guy is on the side of a beach-front shack



Couldn`t leave mexico without a good picture of a cactus


Adult supper in Colima – it is so nice to have some kid-free time!


Are you scared?


This volcano has been putting on a spectaular show for us all Winter long.


The café we went to were out of blackberries, so they told us we could just go pick our own out in back if we wanted to. Yes, we wanted to!


Gino, Andy and our friends did a little fishing trip, but didn´t catch anything. They saw lots of fish though.


Mexican transport


Our wonderful neighbour Bob cooking us up pizza in his wood oven.


The waves keep things interesting. You never know what the next one is going to look like or what it is going to do. A complete surprise every time!


I will miss these sunsets!


And the campfires on the beach.


I don´t think anyone is going to make a statue of these two anytime soon.


As the months go by, the sun is working its way north and the reflection of the light on the water is even better each day.



One last wave of the night