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Sailing the seas

Last summer I stumbled upon a blog of a family with young kids who lived upon a sailboat.   I read the entire blog, and then another one and another one…the stories are like reading adventure novels!

The idea of it totally captured me and I’d like to try it.  Since I have never been on a sailboat (or many other boats for that matter), I needed to start somewhere.  This summer, I took my level one sailing certification (only for small dinghies) and had a lot of fun.  I wasn’t expecting it to be easy – it wasn’t, but now I can rent out boats for practising.  Hopefully I can find a place in mexico where I can practise a bit.

Now that I know I like sailing the little boats, if this pipe-dream of sailing the ocean with my kids were to become a reality there are a few things other things we need to get underway.  One of these would be to actually go out on a real sailboat.  At least once right?

Well in Lunenburg, we found a 2-hour sunset sailing tour on a 48-foot wood schooner.  I was super excited about the idea (so were the kids!) and Gino was a good sport and came along.  Unfortunately, we had almost 0 wind (avg boat speed was about 1 knot!) and because it was a beautiful night the boat was full.   However, we are now no-longer sailing virgins!    We took the helm and raised the sails.   The photo above is of the actual boat.

2014-09-08 05.06.27

Logging our hours in very stable waters…

2014-09-08 05.38.35

Ropes are wonderful toys

2014-09-08 05.56.10

The man behind me lived for 4 years on his 32ft catamaran in the Caribbean. It was fun talking to him.


2014-09-08 06.38.02

Pulling in the sails

2014-09-08 06.30.02

The sun sets

2014-09-08 06.41.00

And the moon rises. This is why living on a sailboat would be cool!