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Visiting the Texas Gulf

Susie and I were roommates for a semester at McGill while she was on exchange from her university in Texas. We fast became good friends, yet lost touch after she went back home. Fast forward 8 years and -thanks to Facebook- we reconnect. Another three years go by and finally, we find the chance to get to Texas to visit with her and her family!!

We arrived to a beautiful homemade soup made by her husband Jacob. It was such a nice welcome after 9hrs on the road and especially since we hadn’t yet eaten supper. We felt right at home from the start.

During our 5 day visit, we had time to just hang-out, catch up and get to know her two little girls and Jacob. They took us to a couple of their local favorite activities including a Texas BBQ, an amusement park on a boardwalk with a sting ray exhibit and to “their” beach in Galveston, TX. Jacob and Susie have been surfing a long time and we were grateful to them for giving us some lessons. We still have practise to do, but were all happy to at least stand up.

In return, we cooked them a yummy Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. I was thankful to be able to share Thanksgiving with good friends, yet also to have the chance to use Susie’s kitchen to make a real dinner and not to have to attempt that one with a hotel microwave!

Tomorrow we are moving south to the Mexican/Texas boarder… I love pointing the car south.


Both kinda gross and fascinating. Here is a place near the dock where people throw food in the river to catfish. They are almost 2 feet long fight each other by coming almost out of the water for the food.


A perfect demo of feeding the ray. Thanks gino


Andy is loving the Ocean now. He even lets the waves knock him right over and go over his head. So fun that this development happened at the beginning of the trip and not the end!

Warning – TURN YOUR SOUND DOWN before playing Ginos surf video ;-)


Not expert position, but at least I’m standing.


Wooohoooo! Millie is in on the action too.


Susie is showing the kids the “Texas clams”


How awesome is this tablecloth?? Susie happened to pick it up at a yard sale. SO perfect for our celebration of canadian thanksgiving.


Yum…good friends and good food. What else do you need in life?


Parenting FAIL. We are so sorry Millie! Btw, she is much better after multiple aloe vera applications and it is a good warning for the rest of our trip…