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Half done, half to come

I’ve never before attempted to maintain a blog or even a diary and I have been really enjoying the experience.   It is fun to document our trip/life and to reach out to our family and friends who are scattered everywhere.   However, the past 3 weeks have just flown by without this blog getting any attention.  Each post takes a bit of thought and especially with our slow internet situation – it takes time to upload the photos.   Since Christmas we have had visitors (my parents since new years and a family of friends from Val-David camping in our driveway for the last week!) and with all the action around the house, I was just too absorbed in our little life to think about posting.

Today everyone has left, our cleaning lady is getting the house pulled together and the kids are back in school.   The house is quiet…very quiet.  Time to catch up!   Over this week, I’ll post a couple more times on our recent exploring.

While all the visiting was happening, we passed the half-way point of our adventure!  So far, it has been an awesome experience for us all.  We especially love mexico and life at the beach in a very, very, very (times 1000) relaxed village.   Millie is the only one amongst us who is ready to go home (she misses playing with her friends).  For the rest of us however, it is almost the opposite.   Not that we don’t miss all of you !!, but we are so content here that  we could easily stay longer.   Gino and I have been talking about maybe repeating this experience next year…but finally when it comes down to it, we know we will have to stay at home at some point, so I assume our posts next winter will be of snow/ice in Val-David.

Here are some photos from our recent visits around!


Ah the pool! I would never have guessed how much we would appreciate having a pool here with the ocean just at our doorstep. But since the ocean here is as warm as a bath, it is so nice to have the pool water to cool off in !


Millie could not have been more happy than to find 2 new friends over the holidays that spoke english!


This is a kiss from Millie to all her friends in Val-David. ;-)


Our 2 cats. Somehow we have ended up wit 2 kittens here…humm…I’ll leave the details for another story, but we have to figure out what to do with them when we leave. They are NOT coming back to quebec with us!


We went out to a restaurant for supper and the kids decided to “dress-up”. The pirate and his maiden.


It took 2 tries, but mom and dad finally had a perfectly clear day to view the volcano from as-close-as-we-dared.


It is still 20km away, but with that smoke bellowing out constantly and ash every few days, it is always a thrill to even be that close.